Soils, Solids, and Sediments 

GSEL, is capable of performing a wide array of solids testing for you.  Our services include but not limited to trace metals analysis by ICP, cold vapor AA analysis for Hg, FLAA, oil and grease, TPH, chlorides, semi-volatile and volatile organics.  
Our STATE CERTIFIED LDNR29B lab has become the most efficient in Louisiana, capable of handling hundreds of samples per week, yet at the same time, handling your sample(s) with the integrity and care as if it were the only one in our lab.

Some of our other services for solids include:

  • TCLP
  • Reactivity
  • Corrosivity
  • Benzenes
  • Paint Filter Test
  • Chlorides
  • Oil&Grease
  • Total TPH
  • TPH Oil, Gasoline, and Diesel
  • SPLP
  • Conductivity/Resistivity